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For instance, many homeowners experience drainage issues with their property; whether due to a poorly designed/installed irrigation system or an accumulation of water run-off from snowmelt and/or heavy rainfall. Furthermore, this damages not only the landscaping aspects and components but it’s all-too common for the damage from the weather(water, snow, & moisture) to extend to the property’s features & structures as well; such as snow/water damage to the snow shed, additions, and exterior elements. We are often asked by our fellow scapers and local clientele alike: what is the best way to combat these inevitable calamities? To quote one of the most influential men in history (Benjamin Franklin) and answer that question succinctly; “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure..” A preventative approach towards implementing and preserving your landscaping system and exterior elements(patios, outdoor kitchens, is often the most of Example: Drainage issues. Damage to landscape from roof drip or roof snow shed. Sleeving under driveways / walks to allow for future irrigation, outdoor lighting, etc… Electrical planning for outdoor holiday lighting. Planning for gas and electric lines to outdoor kitchen, fire pit, or BBQ. Planning ahead for the landscape during the building process, can save money! We specialize in all phases of landscape, masonry, and irrigation. Beginning with planning, design, installation, and finally maintenance. We also perform snow removal of driveways, shoveling, and roof snow removal to protect the landscape and home during the winter months.

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