Description of Services Offered: Customized on an individual basis

Irrigation maintenance:

  • Turn on water source, check for mainline leaks.
  • Test system, check for leaks in valves, lateral lines, heads, etc…
  • Clean and adjust sprinkler heads and nozzles.
  • Check drip tubing, emitters, and connections.
  • Check and clean valves.
  • Make repairs as necessary throughout the season.
  • Set irrigation clock.
  • Monitor water usage and adjust the irrigation clock as the weather changes.
  • Winterize system.

Spring clean-up of grounds:

  • Clean-up dead foliage, leaves, grasses, and debris to allow for new spring growth.
  • Dethatch lawns.
  • Adding new perennials / annuals as desired.

Weekly or bi-weekly maintenance of grounds:

  • Mowing and line trimming of lawn area (if applies).
  • Aerating and fertilizing lawn area every 4-6 weeks.
  • Line trimming of native grass areas to maintain desired height.
  • Thinning of native grasses to allow for wildflower growth.
  • Weeding and weed spraying.
  • Fertilizing flower beds. Aerate flower beds adding soil amendments.
  • Pruning and dead heading to promote bloom and proper growth / shape.
  • Controlling aggressive perennials.
  • Dividing and propagating to encourage new plant growth.
  • Pruning and fertilizing of shrubs and trees. Clean and maintain tree wells.
  • Blowing of leaves, grass clippings, and other debris from grounds, decks, driveway, walks, patios, etc…
  • Insect / disease / fungus control.

Fall clean-up of grounds:

  • Clean up leaves, foliage, and debris to avoid winter smothering / decay.
  • Pruning.
  • Mulching for winter protection.
  • Planting spring bulbs.